Monday, March 27, 2023

Already Dead x Bos the Rapper - "Don't Wake Me"

Photo courtesy Already Dead

Massachusetts based blue collar pop punks Already Dead released the fantastic My Collar is Blue back in October, and they're already back with a new song that's completely different. "Don't Wake Me" sees them teaming with Bos the Rapper in a song that's musically different from pop punk but still definitely pop punk. This one is reminding me a lot of the non-metal songs on the Judgment Night soundtrack, particularly Dinosaur Jr and Del the Funky Homosapien's "Missing Link." It has that punk edge to it, but with an unexpected funk and groove. This song is a blast, particularly if you love genre-crossing collaborations that are starting to pop up more in the Boston music scene.

Bos the Rapper say of the new song:

“It’s about traveling, the desire to move and see new places and being restless when you’re stuck in one spot. I love an open highway at night, driving and seeing the bright lights of a big city I’ve never been to creep towards me. Something inside always wants to be some place I haven’t seen, having a beer with someone I haven’t met. It’s about dreaming of music being the vehicle that makes it happen, touring and performing in buildings we might ever see again.”

You can listen to "Don't Wake Me" below. The song is available now over at Bandcamp. For more on Already Dead, check out their website. You can find Bos the Rapper on Facebook and Twitter.

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