Friday, March 24, 2023

Eddie Japan featuring Greg Hawkes - "Time Machine"

Photo by Joshua Pickering

Eddie Japan have been kicking around the Boston music scene for at least a decade now (they won the Rock and Roll Rumble back in 2013). For their latest single, the aptly named "Time Machine," they brought in Greg Hawkes of The Cars, which is truly a dream pairing. Eddie Japan have long seemed like a band out of time. The new song combines New Wave, pop rock, glam, art-pop, etc. to create this sound that's a modern take on the 1980's. This is a ridiculously fun theatrical pop song that both is and isn't an 80's throwback. It's heavily inspired by that decade, but it doesn't quite sound like music released back then. Eddie Japan make music that isn't going to fit any label cleanly, and that's half the fun. Plus, anyone that lets us hear Greg Hawkes on a synthesizer is ok in our book!

Vocalist and songwriter David Santos says of the new song:

“The song is about trying to get back to that early stage of a relationship when everything is magical – the rush of new love. It’s sort of the flip side, thematically, to the first single ‘Walk Away,’ wherein the relationship is coming to an end. The male character in the song/relationship realizes the error of his ways and wishes he could start over via time travel, figuratively speaking. We’ve probably all wished we had a time machine for one reason or another.”

You can listen to "Time Machine" below. Pop Fiction is due out on April 28 via Rum Bar Records. For more on Eddie Japan, check out their website.

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