Friday, March 17, 2023

Live Shows: Adi Oasis, The Middle East, Cambridge, MA 3/15/23

Photo by Kendall Bessent

Every so often you go see a live show on a whim, more out of curiosity than fandom. You just get a feeling about an artist, and you want to check them out just to see. That's how it was this past Wednesday night with Adi Oasis at The Middle East in Cambridge.

Adi Oasis performed as a three piece band with herself on bass along with a drummer and a keyboard player. I was wondering how her blend of neo-soul with a modern pop flair would translate to the live stage, especially one I'm used to seeing indie rock and punk bands on. The answer was she did it impeccably. 

At one point during her performance, Oasis mentioned that the last time she played here it was to twenty people. This time the place was packed. I'm not sure if it was at its two hundred capacity, but if it wasn't sold out it sure felt like it. And Adi Oasis wasn't playing in front of a curious audience who wanted to see what the buzz is about. This crowd adored her, and knew all the new songs (despite Lotus Glow being out for less than two weeks) and yelled out requests for older songs. While the crowd at Wet Leg last year seemed more interested in saying they were there, Adi Oasis' crowd just cared about seeing her.

That devotion to such a new artist is telling. Oasis has a confidence and stage presence much higher than the venues she is currently playing, and her star power is only going to continue to grow. She's one song taking off away from being a superstar, so make sure you get to see her while she's still playing such tiny venues.

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