Thursday, May 20, 2021

Lucy Dacus - "VBS"

Photo by Ebru Yildiz

Until I read Lucy Dacus' explanation, I had no idea VBS stood for Vacation Bible School. I'm not sure I know anyone who went to one, although I do remember being jealous that all my friends were going to CCD together and I wasn't (this was before anyone told me what it was). "VBS" as a song starts off as a midtempo folk adjacent indie rock song. Dacus' voice, as always, is going to be what draws you in. There's just something about her delivery that makes every single song feel intimate and like she's singing just to you. "VBS" may just be the greatest example of that phenomenon. It feels like she's just sitting with you and only you. Just that alone would make this song great. And then a burst of guitar and feedback kicks in and makes this a Best of 2021 contender.

In a press conference, Lucy Dacus explains the new song:

“VBS means vacation bible school, and I went to tons of them. It's where Christian parents send their kids over the winter, spring, or summer breaks from school to get closer to God, maybe learn some outdoor skills, and bring home useless crafts and totems like fruit of the spirit sand art and purity rings. I wrote the song in the van on the way to Nashville to record Home Video after seeing one of those readerboards outside a church advertising a wholesome church camp for kids. I thought about my first boyfriend, who I met at VBS, the resident bad boy who loved Slayer and weed more than Jesus. I took it upon myself to save him, and make him stop doing drugs (with an exception for snorting nutmeg). God, I was so lame.”

You can watch the video for "VBS" below. Home Video will be out June 25 on Matador Records. You can pre-order/pre-save a copy here. For more on Lucy Dacus, check out the artist's website.


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