Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Split Single - "95 Percent"

Photo by Joe Losurdo

Jason Narducy's (Bob Mould Band, Superchunk, Verbow) project Split Single features Mike Mills (R.E.M.) and Jon Wurster (Superchunk, Bob Mould Band) this time around. If hearing about members of all of these bands collaborating sounds glorious to you, there is no chance you're not going to adore their latest single. "95 Percent" sounds like a slightly more classic rock version of Superchunk. It's an absolute anthem, written as if Superchunk were planning on rocking football stadiums instead of decent sized clubs. 

In a press release, Jason Narducy says of the new song:

“As a liberal person, I can get tripped up by my tendency towards empathy. Part of me wants to believe that politicians are earnest in their efforts to help all Americans even when I know they are not. So it can backfire when I get hesitant and confused but overall I think it's positive because I never fully trust ANY of them. I'm 95 percent committed and 95 percent suspicious. I'm also not good at math.”

You can watch the video for "95 Percent" below. Amplificado is due out June 25 on Inside Outside Records. You can pre-order a copy of the album on Bandcamp. For more on Split Single, check out the band's website.


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