Tuesday, May 11, 2021

First Listen: New Releases for 7 May

Artist: Squid
Album: Bright Green Field
Quick Thoughts: This is some really odd but really fun post-punk. Ken highlighted one of their songs last week, but I liked "G.S.K." quite a bit and the whole album is so strangely brilliant that it's difficult not to be charmed by the whole affair. This will definitely be an acquired taste for some, but this was one of my favorites this week and it might just resonate with you as well.
Songs of Note: "G.S.K.," "Paddling"

Artist: Rosali
Album: No Medium
Quick Thoughts: This is a nice alt-rock singer-songwriter effort with a lot of really melodic stuff to go along with what is a pretty vulnerable record. Each song really resonated with me, and I found myself really into a lot of this. I'm super excited to dive back in, and if you like a lot of what we highlight in these parts, you'll enjoy this record.
Songs of Note: "Mouth," "If Not For Now"

Artist: Natalie Bergman
Album: Mercy
Quick Thoughts: It's safe to say that Ken and I are not religious folk. No shade on those who are, including Natalie Bergman, who produced a modern religious record that even an atheist can enjoy. It's out on Third Man, which explains a lot to start, but Jesus is front and center on this album and yet it doesn't feel preachy or overdone. It ain't your local church group's worship music, let's put it that way - it's just a really solid indie record dressed in its Sunday best.
Songs of Note: "Talk to the Lord," "Shine Your Light on Me," "The Gallows"

Artist: Sarah Jarosz
Album: Blue Heron Suite
Quick Thoughts: I've been a fan of Sarah Jarosz for a while, and this release stems from a 2018 commission. It's gorgeous bluegrass music, and it's perhaps more highbrow than most, but it's incredibly well done and I wanted to make sure it wouldn't get lost in the shuffle.
Songs of Note: "Morning," "Painted Blue"

Artist: Iceage
Album: Seek Shelter
Quick Thoughts: I feel like I don't see enough really solid rock music these days. Or at least not enough straight rock that grabs me. Iceage's latest, however, grabbed my attention. It's a real banger, and given how much I enjoyed their COVID track "Lockdown Blues," I knew I'd like this. I just didn't expect to like it this much.
Songs of Note: "Love Kills Slowly," "Vendetta"

Of note:

* Nancy Wilson - You and Me (Lead singer of Heart, this has some solid moments.)
* dodie - Build a Problem (A lot of music here with a number of standout tracks.)
* Little Snake - A Fragmented Love Story, Written by the Infinite Helix Architect
* Mia Joy - Spirit Tamer
* Dorothea Paas - Anything Can't Happen
* Czarface and MF Doom - Super What?
* L'Orange and Namir Blade - Imaginary Everything
* The Lucid Dream - The Deep End
* Hooverphonic - Hidden Stories
* Sophia Kennedy - Monsters
* Mega Ran and Noveliss - Maverick Hunters
* Fiver - Fiver With the Atlantic School of Spontaneous Composition
* Destroyyyyer - hard hitters vol. 1


* Century Egg - Little Piece of Hair (Keep an eye on this band.)
* Pet Fox - More Than Anything
* Mother Mother - Forgotten Souls
* Jill Andrews - Vultures
* Anjimile - Reunion
* The Lounge Society - Silk for the Starving (The Remixes)
* Doss - 4 New Hit Songs
* Chelsea Williams - The Cave Sessions
* GRLwood - Roommate Wanted (Music from the Motion Picture)
* Durante and HANA - Celestia EP
* Cusp - Spill EP

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* Sufjan Stevens - Convocations (Compiles all five of Sufjan's 2021 ambient efforts into one package.)
* Pet Shop Boys - Discovery (Live in Rio 1994, 2021 Remaster) (A good reminder that the Pet Shop Boys are awesome.)
* Marissa Nadler - Instead of Dreaming (A collection of pandemic covers.)
* Angel Olsen - Song of the Lark and Other Far Memories (All sorts of demos and alternate versions.)
* Koven - Butterfly Effect (Acoustic) (The techno act's acoustic version of their great 2020 album.)
* GoGo Penguin - GGP/RMX (Remix album.)
* Claire Rousay - A Collection (Compiles her early efforts in a reissue.)
* Elbow - Asleep in the Back (Deluxe Edition)

Also out:

* Aly & AJ - a touch of the beat gets you up on your feet gets you out and then into the sun
* McKinley Dixon - For My Mama and Anyone Who Look Like Her
* Weezer - Van Weezer
* Buffet Lunch - The Power of Rocks
* Lucy - The Music Industry is Poisonous
* Luke Haines - Setting the Dogs on the Post Punk Postman

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