Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Lydia Loveless Covers Bob Dylan

Photo by Megan Toenyes

"Oh, Sister" is one of those Bob Dylan songs that should be a lot more well known. Off of 1976's Desire, it's virtually perfect. Yesterday was Bob Dylan's eightieth birthday, and it also saw the release of Happy Birthday Uncle Bob! A Dylan Tribute featuring thirteen covers of Dylan classics. Lydia Loveless took on "Oh, Sister" and completely reimagined it. The lyrics and the male/female vocals remain intact, but while Dylan's original is a smooth folk/soul classic, Loveless gives the song a modern pop sound with a beat that's borders classic drum 'n' bass. It's an interesting take on the song that works much better than I expected.

You can listen to Lydia Loveless' cover of "Oh, Sister" below. Happy Birthday Uncle Bob! A Dylan Tribute is available now on Bandcamp and features covers from HEELS, Jon Snodgrass and His Buddies, Shane Sweeney, and more! For more on Lydia Loveless, be sure to check out her website.

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