Thursday, June 23, 2022

Anna Butterss - "Doo Wop"

Photo by Robbie Jeffers

I'm having a nearly impossible time trying to describe the new single from Anna Butterss. "Doo Wop" is kind of jazzy with some hip hop elements, but that certainly doesn't describe it. There's also a little bit of that indie folk/Americana sound that we cover a lot, but this is definitely not an indie folk song. Plus, there's an electronic sound collage vibe going throughout the entire song. Just when you think you might have a grasp on it, a noise rock/garage rock guitar squall blasts in out of nowhere disrupting everything you thought about the song. "Doo Wop" is one of the more interesting listens you'll have this week and is worth checking out even if this doesn't fully sound like your thing.

Anna Butterss says of her new song:

"'Doo Wop' came out of a lockdown challenge I set myself, which was to take samples from vocal jazz arrangements that I had sung in high school choir and turn them into songs that I would want to listen to today. The demo I had was pretty bare-bones when I brought it into the studio - mostly just the bass line, sample and a drum loop, so we replaced everything, re-recorded and changed the sample and built it up from there. A big musical inspiration (and collaborator and friend) of mine is Jeff Parker, and I think you can hear his influence coming through in some of the guitar parts here."

You can watch the video for "Doo Wop" below. Activities is due out July 8 on Colorfield Records, and can be pre-ordered over at Bandcamp. For more on Anna Butterss, check out the artist's website.

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