Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Well Wisher - "Need You Around"

Photo by Okie Dokie Studio

In their press release, New Jersey's Well Wisher are described as both indie punk and pop punk. Their latest single, "Need You Around," fits both of those perfectly. As poppy as the song is, it never quite falls into the stereotypical trappings usually associated with pop punk, even though it is definitely pop punk. And the song has just enough of a fun quirk to it to fit into indie punk. It's a fun love song to front leader Natalie Newbold's partner and is just dripping with emotion and sentiment, in the best possible way.

Natalie Newbold says of the new song:

“'Need You Around' is about fragility and the need for others’ love. After playing a pretty isolating solo show in Jersey City, I wrote it in my head on the drive home. The song is largely for my partner and visual collaborator, Jenna Murphy. The rain was really coming down that night, just pouring, and it was sometime in late Spring; I hadn’t really eaten very much, so needless to say, my ride was a little uncomfortable. As I spiraled through the looping highways of North Jersey to get home, all I could think about was getting there, curling up in bed with Jenna, and how the whole debacle made me feel so grateful for her comfort, safety, and love."

You can watch the video for "Need You Around" below. The songs is available as a single via Egghunt Records with an album due out in the Fall. For more on Well Wisher, check out the band's website.

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