Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Wilder Maker featuring Felicia Douglass - "A Professional"

Photo by Ebru Yildiz

The latest single from Wilder Maker keeps on that Americana meets indie rock song we've come to love from the New York band, but this one adds a few new elements. In keeping with the theme of their upcoming album, "A Professional" brings in guest lead vocalist Felicia Douglass of Dirty Projectors. The song stops shy of being a dance song, but there are some electronic-ish elements on display. There are also some traces of neo-soul dancing around the edges here. It's a relaxed song that has enough elements to sound instantly familiar but not like a rehash of things that have come before.

Singer/Songwriter Gabriel Birnbaum says of the new song:

“’A Professional’ dips into the feeling of digital isolation, the way the physical world has become less real and more ghostly, less mysterious and more quantifiable. It's inspired by this recurring experience I have, usually traveling, where I’ve been alone all day and I suddenly want to connect very badly with people I care about. I fire off several texts and sit there waiting for the phone to light up, with this strange feeling that everyone I know might have vanished. As soon as I imagined Felicia singing this song, I knew she’d be perfect for it, and she was. I'm so happy and grateful she was able to do it.”

You can watch the video for "A Professional" below. Male Models is due out July 29 on Western Vinyl,  and can be pre-ordered here. For more on Wilder Maker, check out the band on Facebook and Twitter.

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