Friday, June 4, 2021

Nightwatchers - "1905 & The Muslim Exception"

Despite being a bit of a history nerd, I'm also American so my knowledge of European history is a bit lacking. Enter French punks Nightwatchers. According to a press release, their upcoming album, Common Crusades, deals "... with events surrounding France's violent colonization and exploitation of its occurred territories." The first single from the album is "1905 & The Muslim Exception." The obvious comparison here is going to be Bad Religion, not only for the political message but also the fact that it's both hardcore and melodic. Nightwatchers also bring in some post punk tuned guitars, giving them a unique sound.

You can listen to "1905 & The Muslim Exception" below. Common Crusades is due out this Autumn on Lövely Records. For more on Nightwatchers, check out the band's Facebook and Bandcamp.

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