Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Lung - "Sun God"

Photo by Rachelle Caplan

Art-punk cello-rock. Just from reading that description, you know if you're going to want to listen to the latest from Lung. One surprising aspect of "Sun God" is how much the song leans into the rock part of that description. "Sun God" is a surprisingly heavy song. It's definitely art, punk, and includes cello, but more than anything else it's a rock song. The first band that's going to come to mind with cello rock is Rasputina, and while those comparisons are fair, and Lung does share some of their theatricality, Lung is going to land slightly more mainstream than their cello brethren. But just barely.

Singer/celloist Kate Wakefield says of the upcoming album:

“The record is indirectly or perhaps directly influenced by books I was reading. I read poetry daily over the past year. I love the poets Joy Harjo and Ellen Bass. I’m also into buddhist and consciousness literature, and was able to really dive into a lot of beautiful books that helped to keep me sane.  There was an interesting divide between what I was reading and how I was feeling. It all just comes back to trying to practice what you preach, failing, and trying again, and the record reflects that. There is a lot of brutal honesty in this album: anger, sadness, the highs and insecurities of new love, and the realization that although we think we can control our lives, ultimately that is an illusion.”

You can watch the video for "Sun God" below. Come Clean Right Now is due out August 20 on Sofaburn Records. For more on Lung, check out the band's website.

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