Friday, June 24, 2016

Nots - "Entertain Me"

Photo by Don Perry
Nots are probably the last band you'd expect to come out of Memphis. Their newest single, "Entertain Me," is a pure experimental post punk delight, the kind my wife referred to as "barely even music" last night. If you're looking for a comparison, Sonic Youth fronted by Bikini Kill is the obvious one here. Not only is Nots' sound comparable to these other two bands, but their politics also line up. According to lead vocalist/guitarist Natalie Hoffman: "The lyrics reflect the cyclical, distorted nature of the song, addressing different facets of the grotesque horror show going on in American politics and how they are portrayed- the rise of Trump, the reality-TV-like nature of American news, the almost-forced compliance of the viewer, and the for-profit-constructed 'right' of the viewer, the consumer, to require constant entertainment in order to participate, and to live." This might be the only seven minute song you hear all year that you wish was longer.

Nots' second album, Cosmetic, will be out on September 9 on Goner in the US and Heavenly Recordings in the UK. You can listen to "Entertain Me" below. For more information on Nots, check them out on Facebook.

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