Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Freebie: Shakey Graves - The Man From Taured

Remember when artists put a premium on b-sides and rarities? Every so often an artist would put out a full album of b-sides, alternate takes, demo versions, etc., but more often than not, you'd get stuck buying import singles for $10 each to get that one extra song that wasn't on the album, or even dropping $30 for the European version with an extra song or two. 

Nowadays we have an artist like Shakey Graves who just gives out rarities and alternate versions on his Bandcamp. The Man From Taured contains a couple of demo versions and an alternate take, but the rest are rarities. My personal favorite is that these are completely stripped down songs, mostly just him with a guitar. A few have backing vocals, but that's really it. As someone who finds Shakey Graves far more compelling when it's just him with a guitar on stage as opposed to his backing band, this free offering is perfect.

You can get your very own free copy of The Man From Taured over at Shakey Graves' Bandcamp. For more on Shakey Graves, head over to his website.

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