Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Gabriella Cohen - "Baby"

I'm having the hardest time describing the newest song from Australia's Gabriella Cohen. The only word I can think of using is "cool."

"Baby" has this amazing groove throughout. Cohen has crafted this amazing pop rock song, leaning more heavily on the rock side. Her voice has this great 90's slacker vibe in the style of Evan Dando and Courtney Barnett. It includes an almost ska guitar throughout, and is just this super chilled out song reminiscent of a less jokey Pavement. Plus, it's a positive, upbeat song about heartache, so we're pretty sure you'll become as obsessed with it as we are. (Not to spoil it for you, but it has one of the greatest false endings of all time, one of my personal favorite elements in a song.)

You can watch the video for "Baby" below. Gabriella Cohen's new album, Pink Is the Colour of Unconditional Love, will be out June 1 on Captured Tracks. You can pre-order it here. For more on Gabriella Cohen, check her out on Facebook and Twitter.

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