Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Beat Awfuls - "Ego Death Kult"

Photo by Lou Weed

Beat Awfuls started off in 2005 as Dave Vicini's bedroom recording project. He then moved to Kentucky and reformed the project as a full band before moving to Richmond, VA 2019, reforming the band again in 2020. Their new single, "Ego Death Kult," is this bizzar form of kinda sorta pop, but leaning very heavily into the realm of indie rock. The song has a distinct DIY lo-fi flair, and just kind of plods along doing its own thing. It has this hypnotic quality to it that can lull you if you're not paying attention. It's a noisy and discordant song that still remains defiantly poppy.

Dave Vicini says of the new song:

"Ego Death Kult describes a moment when an oppressive reality becomes so clear that it flashes neon with ridiculousness, like an exit sign. The hypnotic guitar riff forces out an instinctive head-bob, ad infinitum, becoming terminally driving— like a cult imperative. The lyrics play against this hypnosis with almost flippant affirmations like, 'let it all out.' While we are busy trying to figure out if this is an entreaty for or against the cult, we get the sense that— hey, either way, I think we’re going to make it out of this thing alive."

You can listen to "Ego Death Kult" below. PAWS is due out February 10 on Cocoa Beach Tapes, aka Colleen Green's label. The album can be pre-ordered here. For more on Beat Awfuls, check out the band on Instagram and Twitter.

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