Thursday, January 5, 2023

kei and BoriRock - "no handouts"

Photo via Instagram

I wish I could find out more about this collaboration between Boston hip hop artist's kei and BoriRock, but I'm going to have to roll out with no information on this one. If you were at the Boston Music Awards, you know that the breakout star was kei. The winner of this year's Best New Artist, her performance was mindblowing, and everyone there literally watched her become a star on that stage. Her latest single is a collaboration with BoriRock. "no handouts" is a relatively chill song that still keeps kei's intensity intact. This is a perfect example of the up and coming Boston hip hop scene and how it sounds completely fresh and modern while still having what old school hip hop fans love. If this is your introduction to kei, you're very welcome. It's a great Bandwagon to be on.

You can listen to "no handouts" below. For more on kei, check out her website. For more on BoriRock, check out his Instagram.

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