Friday, January 13, 2023

The Dahmers - "Black Widow"

Photo by Mikey Lennartsson

Hailing from Sweden, The Dahmers don't truly sound like what you'd expect a band called The Dahmers to sound like. The band's latest single, "Black Widow," may have plenty of punk edge to it, but it's a much more glammed up sound than grungy. The band I'm reminded most of is Cheap Trick. The song has that big, huge power pop rock and roll sound you would associate with a 70's rock band like Cheap Trick, but it's filtered through some horror rock vibes and 80's synth rock. It's a weird amalgam of sounds that doesn't end up quite as weird as it sounds like it would be. But, if you like straight up Swedish rock and roll, you're going to get into The Dahmers.

You can listen to "Black Widow" below. Ghouls in the Garage will be released on Spaghetty Town Records and Ghost Highway Recordings later this year. For more on The Dahmers, check out the band on Facebook and Instagram.

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