Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Bailey Miller - "cul-de-sac"

Last year, Bailey Miller released her debut album, Still Water. While that album took he two years to release, the Cincinnati based artist already has a sophomore album coming out next month. "cul-de-sac," the first single off that album, goes a little more experimental folk than Still Water did. It's more of an organic sound, although it does have the same ambient sound to it. This falls somewhere between a folk festival and the chill out room at a rave, although it does share the same vibe with both. "cul-de-sac" is a beautiful song that shows an artist making her own way with a sound familiar and uniquely hers.

You can listen to "cul-de-sac" below. love is a dying is due out February 10 on White Sepulchre Records. The album can be pre-ordered though Bandcamp. For more on Bailey Miller, check out the artist's Instagram.

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