Wednesday, January 25, 2023

deathcrash - "Empty Heavy"

Photo by Kaye Song

London based slowcore band deathcrash have released a new single that might be perfect for music fans who can't quite get into slowcore. "Heavy Empty" starts out almost painfully quietly. It's propelled by whispered vocals and is almost folk adjacent in its instrumentation. But once it kicks in, the song just ignites. The loud part of the song comes in like a sledgehammer and just bludgeons your senses, which is even more forceful based on how quiet and bare the song started off. It reminds me of seeing Mogwai live back in the 90's, how they'd lull you with beauty before blasting your face off with noise.

Bassist Patrick Fitzgerald says of the song:

"'Empty heavy' is an intricately melancholic song that gives way to a direct and explosive ending. This is reflected by the different states of loss portrayed lyrically through the song."

You can watch the video for "Empty Heavy" below. Less is due out March 17 on untitled (recs). For more on deathcrash, check out the band's website.

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