Monday, March 7, 2016

Mal Devisa - Kiid

How can I truly explain Mal Devisa's Kiid to you? The album brings so many elements that you would never consider to mesh well into one of the most diverse offerings I've heard in years. A song like "Sea of limbs" is folk, but isn't quite as straightforward as that sounds. It's far too bass heavy, despite having no percussion, and reminds me a lot of Leyla McCalla. "In My Neighborhood" is more of an organic dance songs, with a chopped up feel like you get with Tune-Yards. Songs like "Live Again" and "Everybody Knows" have a Billie Holiday element to them without being jazz. And then out of nowhere comes "FAT" and "Dominatrix," which would make Mos Def and Public Enemy proud. Somehow Mal Devisa makes this whole thing work.

Kiid is available now on DZ Tapes. You can get your copy on Mal Devisa's Bandcamp. For some more information, be sure to like her on Facebook.

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