Monday, March 14, 2016

The Huntress & Holder of Hands - "Shake Off Your Flesh"

Normally I wouldn't post about a YouTube clip for an unreleased song, but I'm really excited about any new music from The Huntress & Holder of Hands. Plus, they linked to this clip from their Facebook page, so it's obviously approved by them. Recorded live at a house show in Vermont on March 5, "Shake Off Your Flesh" captures some of the sense of foreboding in Brown Bird's Axis Mundi, and even though it still falls into the folk/Americana category, you get a hint of the metal influences that were finally explored on Axis Mundi. This might be due to the hypnotic base line that goes throughout the song. Also, since the band is composed of six members, it's hardly a MorganEve Swain solo project.

You can watch a performance of "Shake Off Your Flesh" below, courtesy of YouTube user nnmvt vidoes. There are also more videos of the performances on their YouTube page, so check those out. For more info on The Huntress & Holder of Hands, check out their Bandcamp and the Brown Bird website.

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