Monday, July 10, 2017

Gray Bouchard - "When I Was Yours"

Gray Bouchard, aka the frontman of Salem Wolves, occasionally releases some solo work apart from Salem Wolves. His latest, "When I Was Yours," is just about as far from Salem Wolves as you can possibly get. It's still rock, and it's still an intense song, but it shares very little sonically with his main band. It's more of an epic song, like it was meant to fill up ampitheatrers in the 90's. It has that big quality of bands like U2 or Live, but with a more grounded, raw feel, like a band that normally played The Rat had some pretty big dreams.

You can listen to "When I Was Yours" below. The song is currently available on the Resolution of Happiness // A Radical Resistance Compilation put out by Trimming the Shield Records. It features 19 total songs from bands like The Mammals, Garbage Point, and Ghastly with all proceeds benefiting Lambda Legal. You can get your own copy at Bandcamp. For more on Gray Bouchard and Salem Wolves, check out their website.

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