Monday, July 3, 2017

Tristen - "Got Some"

Photo via Facebook
We've been pretty big on Tristen ever since discovering her opening for Justin Townes Earle back in 2012. Her sound has evolved from her alt-pop country to a more straightforward pop sound. Since I hate pop music, you'd think I wouldn't like her new sound, but somehow I like it even more.

Her new song, "Got Some," might be the best she's ever released. It's pop, sure, but it has a weight to it missing in most pop music. It feels closer to what was considered pop back in the 60's while still sounding modern. It has a distinctly Nashville feel without being country. The dueling crunchy and light, poppy guitars working as an almost call and response with Tristen's verses might be my favorite part. It's the kind of brilliant pop song that just doesn't get made enough these days.

You can watch the video for "Got Some" below. Tristen's new album, Sneaker Waves, will be out on July 7 via Modern Outsider Records. For more on Tristen, check out her website

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