Friday, January 10, 2020

Mush - "Revising My Fee"

The latest single from Mush is a dream come true for many music fans. "Revising My Fee" is a blending of post punk and Brit pop. It's basically sounds like DEVO covering an unreleased song from Blur's Parklife, with all the snottiness and attitude that would entail. And, given the subject matter, it's definitely worthy of such a comparison. Singer/songwriter Dan Hyndman explains the song:

“This song a gripe about work/life balance and the generational divide. Income to rent ratios. And essentially just how financially poor the younger generation tend to be currently. Lots of debt, very little home ownership prospects. Lots of patronising chatter in the media about pre-made sandwiches and ready meals bankrupting a generation out of home ownership, ignoring the backdrop of a decade of austerity: ‘meal-deal critique, aspirational creed.’ The younger generations are now told they are not go getters the way the baby boomers, largely responsible for how shit things are now, supposedly were.”

The one thing you wouldn't expect out of a DEVO/Blur mash up is the killer noise punk guitar solos that take over the end of the song. It's a happy little surprise that has us thrilled to hear a full album.

You can listen to "Revising My Fee" below. 3D Routine, the debut album from Mush, will be out February 14 on Memphis Industries. For more on Mush, check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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