Thursday, January 28, 2021

Shovels & Rope featuring Sharon Von Etten Cover The Beach Boys

Photo via Facebook

I've been a huge fan of Shovels & Rope's series of Busted Jukebox albums. I tend to love everything Shovels & Rope puts out, and then add guest collaborators and cover songs and you're hitting my absolute sweet spot. The duo tends to pick not obvious covers and reimagines classics in their Americana/folk/rock 'n' roll style perfectly. For Busted Jukebox Volume 3, they're changing it up a little. They explain in a Facebook posting:

"The minute we realized that the word Juicebox sounded like the word Jukebox, we knew that volume 3 of our covers series would have something to do with kids. The songs on Busted Juicebox: Busted Jukebox Vol 3 are collaborations with friends who are also navigating the unique circumstances of raising children within the structures of a traveling band or within the music world. In many ways diapers and nap schedules replace sex and drugs as the sustaining routines of our touring lives. So many of our friends in the arts have become parents, and it feels comforting to know there is a tribe of artists, nurturing men and women, who are finding their way out there and that we have one another for encouragement and support. These songs on Juicebox were all chosen because of some connection we have to them. Childhood movie favorite, old lullabies and songs we just understood differently once we became parents ourselves. And considering the circumstances of the last year, and the resulting time we have had with our children, this album has never been more appropriate."

The first single is a cover of The Beach Boys' classic "In My Room" and features special guest Sharon Von Etten. The original is a dreamy, whimsical classic. While the cover still keeps some of that whimsy, dreamy feeling, it's decidedly more rock based. It's exactly how you'd expect Shovels & Rope to tackle this song, which is a perfect thing.

You can listen to Shovels & Rope featuring Sharon Von Etten take on "In My Room" below. Busted Jukebox Volume 3 is due out on February 5 and also features collaborations with The Secret Sisters, Deer Tick, M. Ward, and more! You can pre-order a copy here. For more on Shovels & Rope, check out the band's website.

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