Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The Endorphins Cover The Cars

We always love covers here at If It's Too Loud..., but we have a special fondness when a Boston band covers another Boston band. The latest example of this is The Endorphins taking a crack at The Cars' "Moving in Stereo." The Cars are always a favorite for bands to cover (with good reason), but it's an interesting choice for a self-described "punk/psych/grunge" band. The Endorphins' version leans more heavily into the psych side of things, although it's definitely laced with punk and grunge, especially with the vocals. While The Cars' original is very shiny and new sounding, The Endorphins run "Moving in Stereo" through the gutter and dirty it up a bit.

You can listen to The Endorphins' version of "Moving in Stereo" below. The song is available now as a free download via Bandcamp. For more on The Endorphins, check them out on Facebook.

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