Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Check Out a Video for The Lemonheads "A Circle of One"

While we wait impatiently for the first sounds to emerge from the next Lemonheads album featuring Evan Dando, Ben Deily, and Juliana Hatfield (aka the LH-Punk All-Stars) and produced by Ryan Adams, we can tide ourselves over with this brand new video for the Lick classic "A Circle of One." According to Ben Deily's Facebook page, this is the first of multiple videos to commemorate the reissue of the first three Lemonheads albums on Fire Records. 

In the video for "A Circle of One," you get to see footage of the band from '86-'89, mostly clowning around at home with friends. The "Art Truck" from the Creator tour is also featured, as well as a cameo from Husker Du's Grant Hart.

Keep an eye out for more videos. For more information on Evan Dando and the Lemonheads, head on over to the official Lemonheads webpage. To check out Ben Deily's current band Varsity Drag, check out his website. And finally, go to the Fire Records website for information on the reissues of the first three Lemonheads albums.

Lemonheads, "A Circle of One" (Official) 2014, w/re-mastered audio from Benjamin Deily on Vimeo.

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