Thursday, February 27, 2014

Listen to MC Chris's Tribute to Harold Ramis

This week's death of Harold Ramis affects just about everyone. There isn't anyone between the ages of 20-60 that hasn't been touched by his work, from National Lampoon's Animal House to Groundhog Day. Nerdcore tapper and animator MC Chris has been working on a Ghostbuster's themed album for the past two years. As a tribute to Ramis, MC Chris posted his song about Ramis's Ghostbusters character, Egon Spengler, to Soundcloud. "58.9" was meant to be a silly song about a fictional character, but has now taken on a meaning that lyrics like "The opposite sex is perplexing but mold I can manage" were never intended do. 

For more information and to preorder MC Chris Foreverrr, go to MC Chris's website
Also, go read Harold Ramis's IMDb page and marvel at the movies the man was involved with.

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