Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - "Do the Get Down"

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion have a new single out, "Do the Get Down," and it's pretty amazing. Lately, JSBX albums have been disappointing me a little bit when they're first released. They've been good and all, but it isn't until I see the songs live that I truly appreciate them. "Do the Get Down" is a departure in that I love this song. It's also a little bit of a departure texture wise from their earlier material. Gone is the out of control noise blues punk of the past. Instead, "Do the Get Down" is a little more reserved and funky. It borders on the mainstream without being too mainstream. Below you can watch the video, which features icons of NYC from the 70s and 80s such as the Ramones, Times Square, Public Enemy, Talking Heads, Taxi Driver, etc. Their new album, Freedom Tower - No Wave Dance Party 2015, will be out on March 24 on Mom+Pop Music. It also features one of the greatest press releases of all time:

Freedom Tower is a radical portrait of New York City set to the savage funkacide of the Blues Explosion, locked and loaded with the most deadly, predatory guitar riffs that primitive magnetic tape can handle…. From start to finish, Freedom Tower is overmodulated, cooked with dirt, and finished in acid rain! Freedom Tower is packed with the kind of beats and rhymes that will make even the most reserved Walter Mitty jump back and say “damn!”

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