Wednesday, July 8, 2015

David Wax Museum Launch an Indiegogo Campaign

Photo by Todd Roeth
David Wax Museum are a blog favorite here, so we feel like we should let you all know about their freshly launched Indiegogo campaign. They're looking to help fund the completion of their new album, Guesthouse, along with major fall touring plans. They raised $35,000 in 2012 when they were funding Knock Knock Get Up, so that is the goal this time around. They have the standard reward tiers with digital downloads, signed cds, t-shirts, etc. You can also get some pretty cool unique rewards, like a private Skype concert, VIP live experience, a song written for you, and either a duo or full band house concert (weddings aren't allowed, so there goes my dream of having them play my wedding). 

To check out all the details of the campaign, head on over to their Indiegogo page. For some more information on David Wax Museum, there is always their website.

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