Thursday, August 4, 2016

Doe - "Last Ditch"

Photo by Emma Garland
Much like their earlier song "Sincere," the latest from Doe, "Last Ditch," is pure 90s influenced punk tinged indie rock. Musically, "Last Ditch" is pretty straightforward noisy but poppy indie rock. Nicola Leel's vocals are what truly set this song apart. While the verses are quite mellow and almost spoken, the chorus is shout-singed at the top of her lungs with almost no respect for melody. But it works beautifully in its abrasiveness. 

Doe's debut full length, Some Things Last Longer Than You, is due out September 9 on Old Flame. You can watch the video for "Last Ditch" below. For more information on Doe, check them out on Facebook and on their website. You can also pre-order Some Things Last Longer Than You here.

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