Friday, August 5, 2016

Drive-By Truckers - "What It Means"

Photo by Danny Clinch
American Band is either going to propel the Drive-By Truckers into superstardom or push them even further into cult band status. They've never shied away from airing their politics, but there's a big difference from "... goddamn Reagan's in the White House..." and their latest song, the Patterson Hood written and sung "What It Means." "What It Means" is about possibly the most sensitive subject in America today: The shootings of unarmed black men. It was written in the wake of the Ferguson decision and the death of Trayvon Martin, but it could be about any of the recent deaths. The most specific it gets is about Trayvon Martin: "And that guy who killed that kid down in Florida standing ground / Is free to beat up on his girlfriend and wave his brand new gun around." The Drive-By Truckers aren't fucking around on this album.

American Band is due out September 30 on ATO Records, and make sure you pre-order the album. You can watch the lyric video for "What It Means" below. For more information on the Drive-By Truckers, check out their website. And make sure you go see them live. I don't think anyone has ever regretted it. 

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