Thursday, August 25, 2016

Service - Demos

Service is a band so new they don't have a true release out yet. They're based out of Indianapolis and NYC, first coming to my attention since Russell Simins, drummer for Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, is a member. Right now they have a three song demo on Soundcloud. I'm going to go the lazy route and take the description of the band's sound straight from their Facebook page, because when you're right, you're right: post-punk then punk again. The first track, "Worth Waking Up For," starts off with a feedback squall, and then aggressive, ominous post punk bass and vocals. It sucks you right in with the promise of ferocity to come. And then the guitar solo comes in. It's not a pretty solo. We're not talking "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" here. It's this ugly, drilling sound that's less played and more forced. But it's glorious. "Good Wife" has this fun, plodding beat, but then it keeps vomiting all over itself in an explosion of breakneck noise, all while having this groovy beat. These are all listed as "rough demo," and I hope they never put any polish on it.

You can listen to "Worth Waking Up For" below. To listen to all three demos from Service on their Soundcloud page. For more information on Service, check them out on Facebook.

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