Monday, January 14, 2019

Current Obsessions: Cherry Glazerr - "Wasted Nun"

2019 sounds like a good time to resurrect an old series here, Current Obsessions, where we wax semi-poetic about the stuff that's really nailing it for us. Today, "Wasted Nun" by Cherry Glazerr.

On one hand, while I've been a fan of Cherry Glazerr since their early EPs, I have never quite put them in the same box with Tancred, Charly Bliss, and the like with the whole alt-rock revival thing we saw a few years ago. With that said, Apocalypstick was an album of the week for me when it came out and this new song? Well, wow - this song is incredible.

The song does not waste any time getting to the point, with a heavier sound and some crunchy guitars getting right into it. The chorus is less melodic and more pleading, with a style that I yelled right along with in the car yesterday afternoon - even though I'm not a wasted girl, I certainly feel like I'm no fun sometimes, and one has to wonder where this song is coming from specifically.

And a shout out to the video, in particular. In other, non-musical forms of media, I've fully been dipping my toe into horror. Not only the critically- and culturally-acclaimed stuff, but also the drive-in schlock that got many of us on board in the first place. It's hard not to wonder whether the Conjuring-verse is directly informing this, or if it's more of an American Horror Story pastiche, but the video itself is really solid as well. The creepy glances from lead singer Clementine Creevy throughout the first verse alone are beautifully unsettling and so well done.

Don't miss out on this one. Cherry Glazerr has rightfully been sitting on the edge of exploding onto the mainstream, and this song might be the thing that propels them to something much bigger.

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