Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Eerie Wanda Covers Nirvana

Photo by Raphaël Irié
This might be the week of Nirvana covers for us. This particular one is almost three years old, but since Eerie Wanda is new to us, I thought I'd point this one out. While the Screaming Females Nirvana covers we brought you on Monday were spot on takes, Eerie Wanda go a completely different route on "Even In His Youth." Instead of the loud, noisy version we're accustomed to, Eerie Wanda re-imagine the song as a groovy bosanova song, complete with a drum machine. Of course, it's Eerie Wanda so it keeps in the disturbing and uncomfortable sides of the classic, just more mellow and groovy.

You can watch the video for Eerie Wanda's version of "Even In His Youth" below. Pet Town, the new album from Eerie Wanda, will be out January 25 on Joyful Noise. For more on Eerie Wanda, be sure to check out their Facebook and Twitter.

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