Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Dani Bell and The Tarantist - "Free"

Photo by Kristy Walker
We're just a couple of weeks away from the release of Dani Bell and The Tarantist's new album, and we have another new single to check out. As with the previous two, "Free" is in the same universe as the other songs but also quite different. There is still the trademark freaky new-ish indie folk-pop sound we've come to expect, but "Free" has this old school trip hop meets Luscious Jackson feel. There is also this killer fuzzed out guitar that seems to be following the song around until the end when it explodes into a completely unexpected and brilliant guitar solo. 

You can listen to "Free" below. Wide Eyed, the new album from Dani Bell and The Tarantist, will be out January 18 on The Redwoods Music. For more on Dani Bell and The Tarantist, be sure to check out their Facebook.

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