Friday, June 14, 2019

Friday Freebie: Champ Major - Recipe for Baking Two Humans Together

Champ Major is a project out of Brooklyn, NY featuring couple Madison Major (guitar/vocals) and Jack Follansbee (basically everything else). They've recently released an EP, Recipe for Baking Two Humans Together. What's truly interesting about this release is that while it lands squarely in the "experimental folk" category it is still very accessible and keeps the dissonance to a minimum. The differences of the EP can be best summed up with back to back tracks "Abbeville" and "Not Slowly." "Abbeville" is a gorgeous song that's still lush despite how minimal it is. It's not mainstream folk in the way that Of Monsters and Men are, but it's quite accessible to radio friendly folk fans. "Not Slowly" still has the same elements of beauty, but it also includes bizarre unfriendly noise towards the end. Maybe it's standard feedback, maybe it's a saw being played, maybe someone is murdering an accordion. It's dissonant, but still ties into the beauty of the song.

You can listen to "Not Slowly" below. Recipe for Baking Two Humans Together, the new EP from Champ Major, is available now via Hooded Wonder Records as a free download on Bandcamp. If you download the EP for free, be sure to follow Champ Major on Instagram.


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