Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Little Slugger - "You're On Your Own"

While I'm not much of a pop guy, I do love power pop unashamedly. And even though this might sound contradictory, if an artist can combine indie rock with power pop I'm in my glory. Enter Little Slugger. Little Slugger formed in Burlington, VT and moved to Brooklyn, which is understandable but the New Englander in me is trying not to hold that against them. "You're On Your Own" at times might be a little too pop for me, with it's harmonies and level of catchiness that is bordering on criminal. But every time I start to have second thought the guitars amp up and draw me right back in. It's like OK Go decided to rock out just a little bit harder.

You can listen to "You're On Your Own" below. I Want to Live Here Forever, the upcoming album from Little Slugger, will be out July 19. You can pre-order it on their Bandcamp. For more on Little Slugger, check out their Facebook.

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