Monday, June 10, 2019

The Low Cards - "What Am I Doing Here"

The latest single from Providence's The Low Cards is a slow, intense burn. "What Am I Doing Here" is a slowed down roots rocker, with a noisy start, but turns into a bizarro folk/singer songwriter song with distorted guitars. It's a slow burn with smoldering intensity. You expect it to explode into a full on rock song, eventually resigning yourself to the fact that it never will. And just when you accept that and think the song is winding down, it erupts into the roots rock jam you always needed it to. 

You can listen to "What Am I Doing Here" below. Pilgrims Wake, the upcoming album from The Low Cards, will be out soon. I don't believe there is an official release date yet. For more on The Low Cards, check out their website.

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