Friday, February 21, 2020

Archers of Loaf - "Raleigh Days"

Here are words I never dared to believe I would actually type out: Here is a new song from Archers of Loaf! This isn't a forgotten B-side or an outtake, but an actual newly recorded song! The North Carolina indie rock legends recently reunited for some touring, and decided to hit the studio for new music. "Raleigh Days" is their first new song in over twenty years. It's a little more straightforward rock than their more classic material, and maybe a little less noisy and quirky. In other words, exactly what we should expect from a reunited 90's indie rock band. It's catchy as hell, and has a little twang to it that I wouldn't have expected. "Raleigh Days" is a solid track that holds up with the best classic Archers of Loaf, and let's all hope we get more.

You can listen to "Raleigh Days" below. It's available now via Merge Records on Archers of Loaf's Bandcamp. For more on Archers of Loaf, check out their website.

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