Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Durand Jones & the Indications Cover David Bowie

Photo via Facebook
Originally recorded as part of Howard Stern's tribute to David Bowie, Durand Jones & the Indications have officially released their cover of Bowie's classic "Young Americans." It's the kind of cover that you don't initially recognize at first. It starts off as a mellow soul song, although there is the slightest hint of something familiar, especially in the horns. You might not recognize what it is once the vocals start, unless you're paying much more attention than I was. As soon as the "All right" kicks in, you'll know that this is the Bowie classic. It's the perfect cover in that way: Durand Jones & the Indications make it completely their own while keeping the structure of the original. It's a perfect tribute.

You can listen to Durand Jones & the Indications's version of "Young Americans" below. You can get a copy of the original here. For more on Durand Jones & the Indications, check out their website.