Friday, October 17, 2014

The Dead Milkmen - "The Sun Turns Our Patio Into a Lifeless Hell"

The Dead Milkmen have released a new video for their song "The Sun Turns Our Patio Into a Lifeless Hell." The song is inspired by an infomercial Rodney Anonymous saw depicting how awful your life can be without a patio awning. The video was inspired by old silent German expressionist films and features all the creepy baby doll heads you could possibly want. It's all the perfect blend of humor, trippy abstraction, punk, and humor that categorizes the best of The Dead Milkmen. 

You can watch the video below. If you happen to be in either Baltimore, MD or Lancaster, PA, you can see them next weekend at Metro Gallery or Chameleon Club respectively. And in case you haven't, go to their website for more info and order their album on Amazon (the cd format is currently on sale for $9.00!).

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