Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fury Things/Brilliant Beast - Split EP

Last year we wrote about the great Minneapolis shoegaze band Brilliant Beast. Last week they released a split EP with fellow Minnesota natives Fury Things, and it's a fantastic pairing. For their 2 songs, Fury Things wrote the songs on a Friday and recorded on Sunday. "Some Things" was recorded in just one take, which gives it this perfect feel of urgency and fun. Their tracks don't feel like Minnesota, but are what shoegaze would sound like if it was created by indie rock loving southern Californians. It's just the finest droney power pop you can imagine.

Brilliant Beast are just the slightest opposite of the same coin as Fury Things. "No Fate" the extreme poppy end of the shoegaze spectrum, but they definitely rely more on the spacey, fuzzed out sounds of the genre, but with a strong 90s alternapop base. "Heaven" is a droned out as can be power ballad, the kind that would be a hit at a prom if high school kids had access to better drugs.

Split EP is out now on Guilt Ridden Pop. You can download it for free on Bandcamp. Of course you're going to want more info on both of these bands. Go here for Fury Things, and here for Brilliant Beast.

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