Friday, December 8, 2017

Buffalo Tom - "All Be Gone"

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As much as I adore Buffalo Tom, I couldn't get into their 2011 album Skins. It wasn't bad, but it felt a little too easy listening for me. For "All Be Gone," the first song off of their upcoming album, we're back to classic Buffalo Tom, and I think we can all be happy about that.

"All Be Gone" is an upbeat Bill Janovitz sung rocker. It may not be as noisy as some vintage Buffalo Tom could be, but even at their noisiest, Buffalo Tom have always been melodic. This new one might be a bit more melodic, but that's not a bad thing at all. The framework of classic Buffalo Tom is here, plus, as with most musicians at this point in their careers, the trio have gotten more confident and better as musicians, so you get killer guitar solos the likes of which had just been hinted at previously. I can't imagine any old school fans will be anything less than overjoyed with this song.

You can listen to "All Be Gone" below. Buffalo Tom's new album, Quiet and Peace, will be out March 2 on Schoolkids Records. For more on Buffalo Tom, check out their website.

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