Monday, December 4, 2017

Yeah Wings - Tomorrow Will Be Better

Add Yeah Wings to the ever growing list of great bands coming out of Minneapolis. Yeah Wings describe themselves as "slow core," and, never really hearing that description before, I'd say they pretty much nailed it. Their latest album, Tomorrow Will Be Better, opens with the sparingly minimalist "We Can't." "Threce" starts off very similar, but slowly builds into this noisy epic. The entire albums follows this loud/quiet formula, although it does mix it up in each song, so that when it feels like the loud part is taking over for the song it will be short lived. Except for when it isn't short lived. Plus, the quiet parts are too noisy to be truly quiet, and the loud parts never really break out into a full on uproar. I'm getting Slint meets the quiet side of Fugazi vibes from this. It's an album that's frustratingly brilliant since it never quite does what you want or expect it to do. But that's exactly the point.

You can listen to "The Promise Bison" below. Yeah Wings new album, Tomorrow Will Be Better, is out now. You can get your copy via Bandcamp. For more on Yeah Wings, check them out on Facebook.

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