Thursday, December 28, 2017

Holy Motors - "Honeymooning"

Photo by Kertin Vasser
This may be one of the most unique tracks we've brought you in a long time. Hailing from Estonia, which is unique enough, Holy Motor are described as "... a five-piece twang and reverb band," which is shockingly accurate. "Honeymooning" somehow combines shoegaze with cowboy guitars in one of the moodiest and foreboding songs you've heard in years. The whole song sounds like it's being listened to from miles away through a hazy dustbowl filter. Plus, for a band with three guitars, "Honeymooning" is shockingly minimalist. Three guitars is normally a wall of sound that slams into you face first, but Holy Motors use them to creep up on you and make you feel awkward.

You can listen to "Honeymooning" below. The debut album from Holy Motors, Slow Sundown, will be out February 9 on Wharf Cat Records. You can pre-order a copy here. For more on Holy Motors, check them out on Facebook.

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