Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Ben Kweller - "American Cigarettes"

Photo via Facebook
I don't think I realized how much I've missed having Ben Kweller around until he disappeared for a few years. His latest single will make you thrilled he's back. "American Cigarettes" is exactly what we want from Kweller. This sounds like vintage early 2000's Ben Kweller, although a more mature, adult version. Plus, he adds in just enough Americana twang to make fans of 2009's Changing Horses happy. Basically, if you've been a fan of Kweller's for as long as we have, you're going to love "American Cigarettes." If you've somehow never heard Kweller before and upbeat alt-rock/pop jams with a little hint of twang are your thing, get ready to fall in love.

You can listen to "American Cigarettes" below. Circuit Boredom, Ben Kweller's long awaited new album, doesn't seem to have a release date, but will hopefully be out sometime before the end of 2020. For more on Ben Kweller, check out his website.


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