Monday, October 19, 2020

Charming Disaster - "Houdini"

It wouldn't be October without a new song from Charming Disaster. The gothic cabaret duo just have released "Houdini." It's a little more rockin' than their standard fare. It starts off with some heavy near-grunge guitars, but longtime fans need not be worried. There is plenty of the theatricality we've come to love from Charming Disaster. And while the song is about the famous magician Harry Houdini, "Houdini" isn't about one of his famous escapes. Instead, the song is a desperate plea from his afterlife (which fits perfectly into Charming Disaster's catalog). The band explains the song:

"After WWI and the 1918 flu pandemic, the popularity of spiritualism and séances skyrocketed around the world, as nearly everyone had recently lost a loved one they longed to reach on the other side.

The great stage magician Harry Houdini was no exception; he and his wife even had a pact that whoever died first would try to contact the other with a secret code. He spent years searching for a spirit medium who wasn't a fraud. Instead, he found charlatan after charlatan -- and a second career as a debunker of their fakery. After his death, his wife held annual séances at his grave, awaiting word from him, but it never came.

But we imagine him trapped on the other side of the veil, trying desperately to break through, in the greatest escape attempt of all time."

You can listen to "Houdini" below. The song is available as a single via Bandcamp. For more on Charming Disaster, check out the band's website.

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