Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Felix Hatfield featuring Esme Patterson - "That Kiss"

Photo via Facebook

Every so often we come across an artist that is taking a standard genre and just doing their own thing with it. They're not reinventing the entire world of music and what came before. They're working within the genre, but just doing their own unique thing with it. Felix Hatfield is currently doing that with folk. "That Kiss," which is a duet with Esme Patterson, is a folk song, but it's a folk song not quite like anything you've heard before, while still being solidly folk. Some of that unique feel is the use of horns and what might be windchimes, but that's not it. The entire structure of the song, while being traditional, feels completely unique the way Hatfield works it. The only true past artists I can compare this to is the Elephant 6 collective, which is high praise around these parts.

You can watch the video for "That Kiss" below. False God, the upcoming album from Felix Hatfield, will be out October 23. For more on Felix Hatfield, check out his website.

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